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The Coolest Biltong Company in Thailand

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The Coolest Biltong Company in Thailand

Published: 12/10/2010 by South African Biltong Thailand is headquartered in the suburbs of the "Motor City” Bangkok, Thailand. Our brand, "My Best Biltong Moments" is positioned as the ultimate in Biltong taste and overall quality. If you don't think it's one of the best Biltong you have ever tried, send it back and we will refund you the full cost of the biltong.

Our Beef biltong Mission - it's simple is here to provide the largest selection of biltong, snap sticks and other quality biltong available to “meat” fans from around the world.

Our customer service is the best you will ever have - we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Call us - 0800-730-425 or email us

Our customer service team is led by your personal beef biltong Liazon – Eugene Cloete - if you ever have any problems - please email him or facebook him.

Our Story - The history of
In 2008 founder Eugene Cloete graduated from Elken Collage in Wonderboom South Africa with a degree in Hospitality. He went to work for a startup company "Ondangwa Rest Camp" He sold Holiday packages that led him into selling Holiday ownership . In Eugene’s sales job he approached a local Biltong company – (The person’s name is Classified), and started talking with them about putting together a website to sell biltong on the internet. In preparation for the "big pitch" Eugene started researching the online beef biltong market. He checked with Google to see how many people searched for "beef biltong" on daily basis - in 2004 that number was 7,800. He took a look at all of the competitors in the marketplace, and put together a "kick ass" presentation for the beef biltong company. Being a young entrepreneur himself, Eugene thought he found a "golden ticket" to web riches for the biltong company... (so he thought)

"Presentation Time" - Entering the meeting, he was excited - full of enthusiasm - he gave the best pitch of his young life (30 yrs old). He left the meeting feeling like he had just given the biltong company an insight to what they could do with the power of the internet and the amount of potential customers looking for "beef biltong". Think about it ... 7,800 potential customers on a daily basis - multiply that by 365 7,800 x 365 = 2,847,000. Almost 3,000,000 people per year in the Thailand searching for Beef Snacks. WOW! Now take 5% of that number and you get 142,350 potential customers in 1 year. Not bad right? If every customer made you 5.00 you would have a pretty solid online business.

"The Follow up" - 3 days later Eugene made the follow up call, still super excited that he was going to close the biggest deal of his young career. "Hi is “nameless” in?", said Eugene. The secretary replied, "No, he's not in can I take a message". Eugene left his message asking “nameless” about the proposal and to give him a call back. No call back..

The next day Eugene made the same call, only to receive the same secretary, with the same response -"No, he's not in can I take a message".
A week had gone by with 6 messages and no call back. Eugene had lost hope for this great biltong idea.

"The Real Truth" - He was upset that he was ignored by “nameless” & the biltong company. He put in hours of work pulling in data, looking at competitors websites, buying their biltong and tasting their product line. He felt he could have at least gotten a phone call. Time went on, but Eugene thought about the biltong company and his internet biltong idea. Something inside kept telling him - someone's going to do it - why not you?

"So He Did " - In 2009 after moving on from his first job, Eugene and Nittaya became business partners and opened South African Biltong Thailand and the fist version of was born on May 2010.

"Why Bulk" - The name Bulk Biltong was chosen because Biltong lovers want lots of Biltong. 1 bag just won't do it. Why spend 143.00 on a bag, and then have to pay another 55.00 to get it shipped. It just didn't make sense. Eugene being a biltong lover himself thought if you bought your biltong in "bulk" you could save some cash - and - get your biltong stash.

Bulk Beef Jerky Today - It looks like the idea panned out, 1,500 customers later & growing - giving our customers with best biltong and best customer service on the internet

- Enjoy -

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The Coolest Biltong Company in Thailand

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